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Hi, we’re Raj and Rajjak!

TaporyClub Lab is the home for our all professional Arts, educational endeavour, Talents, Attitude, TaporyNFTGames, betting & winning coins & Solana and experimental with two different projects called ‘DigitalPaste‘ & ‘TaporyClub‘.
We’re creative technologists that have worked on almost every kind of software, Arts, NFTs, Avatars & Apps.
‘Raj & Rajjak’ created all the base and trait layers based on the Tapory NFTs including (normal, Azuki, Attitude, Love & all kind of Tapory with 10,000 NFTs collection on the Solana Blockchain made on Solsea.) also we have an Sticker & Artworks collection called ‘DigitalPaste’on Solana.

What is the future of TaporyClub & DigitalPaste NFT Collection?

The Creators of this collection are creating a lot of Arts & Tapory to create everything is possible in the view of SolanaGame, NFTGaming, Arts, Betting, Winning Coins, Talents, Attitude, Love NFTs. The ‘RAJ & RAJJAK’ created these two NFT collection including ‘DigitalPaste’ & ‘Taporyclub’ are the primary NFT collection of those who creates, makes and writing digital artwork, looks & styles of everyday to attract the new project to the holder & its community.

The Raj & Rajjak both are an artist from year 2011 in their child life & they including the Digital way of new Blockchain programming to its lab to publish those Arts, Tapory created 10,000 pieces of Tapory & creating everydate new digital arts with physical to digital art tecchnique for their NFT collctions to attract its works on decetralized Global.

Who are RAJ & RAJJAK?

The ‘RAJ & RAJJAK’ is an Freelancer, Web Developers, Art & Designer, Web Designer, Art & Blockchain code writer who worked at ‘‘, ‘UpWork‘, ‘NodeJs, PHP, Js, CSS, HTML developer & etc‘ & made an website including ‘‘ & TaporyClub site in their offline Freelancing works for selected customers in their Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Programming Lab. The Team & TaporyClub Lab is completely merging its world from web of documents, Centralized Servers to Blockchain server called new world of internet Web 3.0 Semantic web.

The ‘RAJ’ is one of person who traded & mined first time Bitcoin in year 2011, but Bitcoin was a beyond the boundaries of Payments & transactions to to use anywhere. Ethereum & Solana are first NFT & Web3 based blockchain who offering many new decetralized opprotunity.

Future & Mission?

The Future is most selected by community & hardwork, but we are focusing on the NFTGames, NFTArts & NFTAvatars to create a new world of digital artwork to integrade the NFTs in our future’s project in these Collections. You can Buy, Create & hold our any NFTs from two Different Art & Tapory NFT collection to take an membership in our future’s big opportunities.

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