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In the world’s a lot kind of loves to make love with Animal, Human, Same–Human, Girlfriend’s Love to make the day more better with feeling and cares. In the world, most number of couples are makes love to be forever together through marriage, court marrige, arrange marrige and friendly love. Here in these countries, most number of love preffers by transgender and LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, bisexu) love. In the colleges, Schools, university and family are love same-humen with Lesbian & Gays.

In the world, Iceland, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and Belgium are have these of Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and transgender. recently in Canada a bill got successfull for females who making transgender, Lesbian and Bisexual with Women Friends. The Same-sex activity is legal in Canada since June 2019 and Canadian LGBTQ groups are celebrating every year with happiness, love and dances.

Around the world, House of Commons, perliment, US congress are approves bill to ban LGBTQ activity in country to increase the child and population of country. In the recent Bill of Canada, The LGBTQ got won in the country and LGBTQ now legal in Canada in April 2022.

The LGBTQ group are increasing everyday with best number of new members who loves the same-sex activities, but its a big risk of population drops in the world.

The LGBTQ is a good news for those countries who wants to drop their population increase rate like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and etc, but have a big risk of mental sex issues for the different persons like a couple.

Why Womens are loves Lesbian than couple?
First of all, the college friends mostly feels like a lover wether they are same-women or men, but love and habit of stay in a room with feeling the Same-sex and feelings. for example, world has a lot kind of Women and Girl schools or colleagues where only Women or Girls are allowed to make education but they forgets the feeling of a women for the men. Keeping a same-sex persons together and being in love with them only encourages ‘LGBTQ‘ feelings. most of countries have changed their education system to increase the feeling for a different human than same-sex humans.

Second most reason is married person with other women like a girl friend, a lot of case regarding the many marrige with 1 person to approximately 3 women make a reason where these all womens will change their thoughts about men to same-sex women where to feels the Lesbian love than their husband. The College students and educated peoples are not want to leave with a mem who have a lot of relationship with other women’s when the love of couples are going to end with the existing love.

The western countries have a lot of Same rules for the women and men about their thinks of each other human like a women who not satisfied with their husband and she want to make love with other men but the divorce is more expensive a normal person to do that and pay that money.

third most reason, a women of College student who have two different way for the future and love. She wants to make their future by making degree and she also want to feels right with a person to feels and crear the bored life. Most number of College students are want to live and feels same-sex women to enjoy the feeling than have sex.

mostly womens are doing that same-sex marriage to keep away from child’s, domestic violence, divorce and not satisfied with a mem who have a lot of girlfriend, women’s and love. The domestic violence is a men reason about the women’s life who have always got hurt from a life partner who threaten about step partners.

A lot of LGBTQ Friendly countries are promoting the rights of same-marriage, lesbian, gay and Bisexual rights to make the rights not a

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