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Hi, we’re TaporyClub and DigitalPaste!

This is the TaporyClub’s official lab of all new & existing AvatarNFT, Metaverse, NFTGaming, other cryptography projects that introduce the people or community will create a new roadmap, future, whitelist, NFTutility, Offers, public minting,creators, holders and future of those all coins & NFTs on Solana blockchain. The mission is proof-of-ownership with including PoW, PoS & Proof-of-ownerships.The TaporyClub & Its Artwork project called ‘DigitalPaste’ is empowering the ownership of a unique digital asset of those all Project of today & projects of future on Solana blockchain with Non-EVM Congestion Network.

Solana Blockchain has a unique identity to create a new world for the creators, whitelist & holders. The Solana Blokckchain and its ‘Solana Congestion‘ Network world most fast network to make 1000 transaction per 1 sec of remaining for all users in Minting, Creating, publishing the contents on the Blockchain.

The TaporyLab has created two Specific NFT collection and its goal to make everthing new with their community.

1. Project TaporyClub

The TaporyClub project and NFT collection is a Avatar, Attitude and Stickers which are approximately 1100X850 pixel art images, custom generated algorithmically. Most are Tapory-looking guys, Alien and girls, but there are a few rarer types mixed in: Ninja, Tapory, Cigarette, angry, alcoholic, businessmen, dancers, sword, hackers and even the odd Alien or Human.

Every Tapory has their own profile & Metadata page that shows you their attributes, metadata, trait, background, face, mood, creators, buyers, holders, sellers and etc as well as their ownership/for-sale status (see below an example).

TaporyClub’s NFT Metadata and Profiles

2. Project DigitalPaste (Stickers & Arts)

The TaporyClub lab have two project on Solana Blockchain the next 2nd project is based on a Artwork, Stickers, Design, Photography, StickerPlotters and Mechanism artwork of an software where the Arts and Designs are mostly created by the creators team of TaporyClub. The Artwork is a most popular way to make your ownership in the digital opprotunity of NFTs for the creators, holders and traders.

TaporyClub’s two creators (RAJ & RAJJAK) are have experiance of 12year old about creating artwork, stickers and design on its computer, physical & stickers of Redium arts, but they accepted a digital NFT platform to create the best ownership in different kind of item of stickers and artworks.

The RAJ & RAJJAK are making everyday new stickers and Redium Cutting plotter to create and selling physically from year 1995 to 2011, but they are joined an NFTs opprotunity for an special artwork with their profiles & metadata to sell anywhere around global or making an big opprotunity for community to earn more profit by working on its Whitelist, Reward, Arts popularity and future’s upcoming coin for reward of holders. If you are holding any NFTs of TaporyClub including both Collections (TaporyClub & Digital) to win thausands of upcoming rewards.

TaporyClub’s NFT Metadata and Profiles

The DigitalPaste collection of TaporyClub based on Digital Stickers, Design adn Artwork, you can to be a holder of any of these taporyclub’s NFTs to get more reward, tokens, 100Xgains and become the owner of each other artwork with its value of Profiles and Metadata.

Promotions & marketing of Projects?

The NFTs project is based on the Artwork & Avatar where will promote on the Instagram, Twitter and other NFTs capable social platforms to increase our community, we are also planning about Whitelist & NFTgiveaway to those who have exisitng joined on Discord Server. Join and Follow our Social platform to get an legal information to avoid an Victim of Online Crypto and NFTs scams. Social Media – We have only these Social Media with official username of @taporyclub on Facebook, Instagram, Discord & Twitter to join our community and follow us for the future of NFTs projects.

Thank You, Team TaporyLab