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How to get an TaporyClub and DigitalPaste’s NFTs?

You will have to use $SOL (Solana) to purchase a Tapory & any DigitalPaste’s Artworks, Once you connect your Phantom Wallet on the and confirm the appropriate amount, approve the transaction and see your wallet’s collectible section or NFT section to see your bought NFTs.

Caution: Please double and triple check that you have $SOL on the right mainnet (Solana Congestion Network). If you approving any version of transaction, your funds will be lost, please do not cancel amid the transactio page or Solana Approval Page.

You can Try any of these Wallet with Solana for Purchasing and Selling our NFTs.

Most number of Solana wallet are made on Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Ledger Wallet and etc.

Are you new in Solana?

These steps you should follow before purchasing or making your Solana NFT collection.

1. Download and Install any of one Solana Wallet Including Sollet, Phantom etc.

2. Create an wallet in Solana Apps and save your Seed Phrase/Phrase and Private Key on your secret paper and never share with anyone on internet or anyother places.

3. Add Solana Coin ($SOL) buy Purchasing through MoonPay or transfer from Binance and other Crypto Exchanges to your wallet address. please copy/Paste your Wallet Address Carefully by Double Check your Address.

4. Now you have to visit our Collections including TaporyClub & DigitalPaste and Choose your NFTs and Click on the ‘Buy Button’ to complete your proccess.

5. close your wallet and re-open your Solana Wallet to choose to Collectible option to see all your bought and holding NFTs.

Can i use Metamask, Coinbase and any wallet?

We’re so sorry, There are not have any option for the Ethereum and other crypto based wallet to purchase any Solana or Our NFTs, you should choose one from these like Phantom than Metamask.

The Metamask, Coinbase and other wallets are based on the different kind of Blockchain. Solana is also a blockchain who have all there own wallet, NFTs and many different with best number of Transaction speed. You have to make an Solana Based Wallet on the Phantom or Sollet wallet to purchase our NFTs in very cheap Fuel/Gas fee.

Can i use Opensea, Solsea, MagicEden and any NFT Platform to purchase your NFTs?

Yes, you can use your Phantom, sollet and any Solana wallet into the Opensea, MagicEden and etc to purchase any NFT only connection simple a wallet to the Platform. Some month before, Opensea accepted Solana Wallet into its platfrom to get access of your NFTs and sell you NFTs through their Solana’s Opensea Beta Version.

Opensea and MagicEden are accepting a lot of Wallet related to Ethereum, Solana, Matic, Trust, Dapper, Kaikas and etc. first of all, you should check all your avaible wallet and its connecting option to get access of an platform to purchase anything.

The Term & Condition and wallet connectivity are depends on the Platform owners who each other wallet to access your NFTs and Buy, Sell or Transfer NFTs via your visible Wallet.

Can I Transfer my Solana NFTs to Metamask and any wallet of Ethereum and any different blockchain wallets?

No, You will be loss your Solana NFTs which you have purchased in high price because there is only Solana to Solana NFTs transaction system if you want to transfer Solana to different ETH wallet may that NFT will be permanently lost in a blockchain.

But you can transfer your Solana NFTs to Solana Wallet. For Example, You can trasfer your NFTs from Phantom wallet to any other Solana wallet like Sollet, Solflare, Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Exodus Wallet, Ledger Wallet and etc.

How we contact you?

You can easily contact with our 24X7 commmunity support platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Discord Server to get connect with out Community Server to discuss all about your Supports and Buy, sell or hold profits and futures.

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